Thursday, February 5, 2015

Music and the Arts in Our Lives
By Michael A. Butera

What would schooling look like if music were not a part of the curriculum? Would it make for a better tomorrow for students? Would there be more mathematicians and scientists? Would the ecology of the community be enhanced?

Schooling without music is like water faucets without water in a pipeline: a hollow place with promise but unable to deliver a refreshing and life-sustaining substance. Student would not be served better tomorrows full of promise and hope. Does anyone really believe that our world will produce more scientists and technologists if music were no longer part of their lives? What kind of community fosters a better place for future generations without the sustaining value of music and the other arts?

Let us each commit to being promoters of the music discipline preK through graduate school. We need to embrace a wider vision for music education; one that nourishes children from the earliest years, through their schooling and beyond.We must recognize that each child is important and that we have a responsibility to bring the the freshness of the music experience into each child's life. Few students will ultimately make teaching music or performing their final career choice, but larger numbers will forever have music as a part of their daily lives. 

Together we must push the fresh water stream of music into the pipes; otherwise, the pipes will rust away. Together, we can help music education orchestrate success and nourish the future!