N.E.S.C.O. Professional Development

Future N.E.S.C.O. Professional Development Workshops

Listen and Learn: A New Approach to Secondary General Music   February 2016:
Common Core Connections between Music and ELA   March 2016: 
Teaching Today: Becoming the Candidate of Choice   April 2016:
Education Employment Forums resume. (Check site for location)   May 2016:
Education Employment Forums resume. (Check site for location)   June 2016: 

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Past N.E.S.C.O. Professional Development Workshops

  1. Portfolio Assessment: Pathway to Student Learning Objectives:         Suffolk County Music Edu Assoc, Hempstead H.S.
  2. ​Teaching Today: New Methods for a New Generation:                           Massachuettes Music Educators Conference
  3. Listen and Learn: New Hampshire Music Educators Conference,  Hempstead High School, New York
  4. Music Education in Crisis: Uniondale S.D. New York
  5. So Now You Have To Teach General Music:                               NYSSMA Summer Conference
  6. Designing a Music Department Improvement Plan:                               Connecticut Music Educators Conference
  7. Assessment the Key to Improved Learning: C.W.Post/LIU New York
  8. Developing SLO’s to Meet the New Annual Professional Proformance Review: NYSCAME Prof. Dev. Program, New York
  9. Meeting the New National CORE Arts Standards in Music:                     NYSCAME Prof. Dev. Program, New York
  10. ELA Connectivity: New Jersey Music Educators Conference
  11. Recruitment and Retention: New York State Band Directors Association
  12. Essential Learning:  Babylon S.D. New York
  13. Utilizing Instrumental Portfolios:                                      Massachusetts Music Educators Conference
  14. Developing a Unified Curriculum: NESCO Out-Reach Program, New York            
  15. Effective Communication: Balanced Mind Conference, N.Y
  16. Classroom Management: CW Post/LIU, New York
  17. Performance Strategies for Middle School General Music:                     Orange County Music Educators Association
  18. Administrative Leadership: Principles and Practice:                             New York State Council of Administrators of Music Education
  19. Practical Strategies in an ERA of Budget Cuts:                                 New York State Band Directors Conference
  20. Thriving to Survive: How to Establish an Effective New Teacgher Mentor Program: William Floyd S.D. New York
  21. Planning and Producing a School Musical:                                           New York State Theater Educators Association Conference


  1. Great workshop at C.W.Popst/ L.I.U. on "Teaching Today: Becoming a Candidate of Choice". A must for every prospective teacher and every supervisor who hires teachers. Thanks!

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  3. "Teaching Today: Becoming the Candidate of Choice" perfect mixture of skills, knowledge and personality needed to bea successful candidate.