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N.E.S.C.O. is committed to providing educators with important instructional and leadership resources. We continually review thousands of articles, books websites, videos and apps to find the most timely and useful educational resources currently available. It is N.E.S.C.O.'s goal to keep you well informed and help you in your quest to be the best you can be.


Portfolios: Pathway to Improved Teaching and Learning  By Joe Pergola  

 A great article that explains the value of portfolio assessment and the means by which to implement portfolios in the classroom.  


So You're the New Band Director

by Phillip Wise / $22.50 Paperback 

Available from National Education Service Company

Authentic Assessment Toolbox

A how-to site on creating authentic tasks, rubrics, and standards for measuring and improving student learning.                                                   

Technology for Teaching Made Simple. Search thousands of tutorial videos on any subject from the worlds best teachers.


A Recipe for Great Teaching

Great, succinct breakdown of the important elements of successful teaching. Don't miss this great video by Keith Hughes. 

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